Deep Calleth unto Deep

By Benny Hinn To experience a deeper dimension of God’s presence, your soul must hunger and thirst for God in the same way a deer pants for the safety and sustenance of water. Only a small pe…

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Building a Godly Relationship Before Marriage | Godly Woman Daily

Found this article on Godly Woman Daily and I thought I’d share it. It really built me. Just follow the link.



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For you 

For you…

Of life she writes.

I loved you.

I thought I’d always be with you.

I thought you and me were meant to be.

I thought that we could fix us

I carried a bottle of crazy glue everywhere I went so I could piece us back together

I thought that would work

That the glue would seal all of our cracks and cover all of our vulnerable crevices.

I thought the glue was enough

I thought we were safe

I thought that we were a we and not just a me and you

I thought it was going to be harder to leave you and go off on my own.

I thought we were one

But we weren’t

We aren’t.

I’m sorry but my crazy glue ran out.

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My Smile

Where is my smile?
The beautiful ray of sunshine that
lit up my face more than once in a
The unique twist of muscles that
broadened my lips and exposed
my teeth
Accompanied by the faint blush in
my cheeks
And the magnificent twinkle in my
Where is my Smile?
That spontaneous flash of light
Ever so bright no matter how slight.
That expression of joy
only seen on a child with a new
The out pouring of what was
The love and excitement; it could
be seen.
Where is my smile?
I havent seen it in a while.
Just a gloom that lingers
and eyes that seem ready to break
into tears.
Where is my Smile?
I would like to have it back now.